Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Gospel Story

The Gospel is a collection of stories told about Jesus Christ. The stories were collected after His Resurrection from the dead by four men whose names are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Matthew and the others made a permanent record of the stories that were being passed around orally from person to person, and as a result we still have access to the original stories today.

The main emphasis of the stories being told about Jesus Christ was to expose and correct misunderstandings people had about the lessons we were supposed to learn from the Old Testament stories.

There are things about God that can be misunderstood, and jesus came to let us know what exactly we had misunderstood about the Old Testament Stories. The Old Testament stories all provided hints about how God was planning to be re-united with humanity.

The Gospel is a collection of stories about one man named Jesus Christ which allow us to see clearly what God's plan looked like when you put all the hints God gave in the past together correctly.


To be continued in The Church Letters....

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