Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Church Messages

In the two thousand years since the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, there has been a group of people known as the Church who have tried to understand the meaning of the stories in the Old Testament and the Gospel.

As the stories about Jesus Christ began to spread around the world, there were problems and misunderstandings that arose within the Church and a handful of men were chosen by God to help correct those misunderstandings.

The names of these men were Paul, Peter, James, John and Jude, although there are a few others whose names we do not know. like the author of Hebrews. These men were members of the first generation of the Church who dealt with problems that arose during their lifetimes, and the problems they struggled with are problems we  are still having today.

There are questions and misunderstandings that return and the answers we were given by the first generation of the Church have to be rediscovered by later generations.

The answers we were given are usually identified in the New Testament by the name of the people who were having the problem or the name of the person who proposed the answer. So we have a message from the Apostle Paul to the Church in Rome, a message to the Hebrews, and two messages from the Apostle Peter as well as three messages from the Apostle John.

Now if you have heard what I am sharing in The Old Testament story, The Gospel Story, and The Church Messages, and understand what they say, you are ready to move on in your discipleship journey.

These three Blog Posts were put here to explain the basic story from beginning to end without going into a lot of detail. At this point, we are going to begin filling in some of the details as we continue to Explore Christianity Online together.

This is (not) the End.

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