Sunday, May 19, 2019

The First Shaman

Many years ago, I used to play games that have chat channels so the players can talk to each other, and it was in one of those chat channels that I met The First Shaman.

I turned on the chat channel to listen to what people were talking about, and I was surprised to hear them talking about the Bible. I became curious, and began listening to hear what was being said. It quickly became obvious that one person was talking about the Bible, and the rest of the people were not really interested.

So I spoke up, and and began working to exclude the uninterested crowd using the chat channel, and eventually the guy who was talking about the Bible and I got to have a private conversation.

He told me he had some questions about the Bible, and I was thinking he wants to talk about the nature of the Trinity or how could Jesus be the Son of God, or something like that but his questions surprised me.

The guy who was interested in the Bible told me this: "I am a shaman who does paranormal research involving haunted houses, poltergeists, and curses. I decided to start reading the Bible to see if it had any advice I can share with people who are having these kinds of problems."

So my conversation with the First Shaman I ever met began.

We talked for about one hour, and starting in Genesis, I got to explain everything the Bible says about angels, demons, God, Satan, Israel, sin, and Jesus Christ with a spiritual warfare emphasis, and I was smiling the whole time.

When I finished explaining all that, the First Shaman thanked me and told me a personal story about his life. This is the story he told me:

After I decided to read the Bible and got a copy of it, the spirits I had made a contract with in order to have a shaman's power came to me in a dream. They were angry with me, and wanted to know why I would betray them like this, and there was nothing I seemed to say would make them calm down.

Then a light appeared in the room over my head and the spirits who were angry with me all ran away to hide. He said when I looked up to see where the light was coming from, there was a man dressed in white there, descending into the room with me.

When I asked the man, "Who are you?" His answer was "I am the Christ."

The First Shaman thanked me for helping him understand what "the Christ" is, and told me he had to leave for work. So we said goodbye and he left the chat channel we had been using to have a private conversation.

After he left, I never saw the First Shaman again. Our first conversation turned out to be our only conversation and that is okay. While I do not know what happened next, I have no doubts in my mind about how it will end.

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