Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Bahai Guy

Many years ago, the Holy Spirit told me to go visit a certain restaurant, and after following His instructions, I met the Bahai Guy. Now in case you do not know, Bahai is a religion that encourages ethics as the evidence of spiritual maturity, the emphasis seems to be on being a good citizen of humanity.

The Bahai Guy saw me sit down and begin reading my Bible, and he very graciously invited me to come join him and his friends so we could talk about what I was reading, and I don't think he realized what he was getting into.

Since I was a stranger, I offered him and his friends a Gospel presentation I wrote so they could have a chance to learn a little more about me, and the Bahai Guy was not interested. I had used some of the things the Apostle Paul wrote in my presentation, and I found out Paul was not considered to be trustworthy.

At that point, a two hour conversation began. The Bahai Guy began moving around the religious roundtable praising different world religions for their ethics, and while I was able to keep up with him, I insisted there was nothing the other world religions worth celebrating.

We talked about the Orthodox Jews, and I said the reason they disagree with the Apostle Paul is because they misunderstood everything Moses was trying to say. We talked about Zoroasterism because Zoroaster prophesied that he would be reborn in this world, and when he was reborn his followers could find him in a manger under the light of a star, and I said Zoroaster lied to us because it was the Son of God who was born there.

We were able to agree that Islamic terrorism was bad, but the Bahai Guy was not happy when I said governments have the right to use deadly force to deal with these things. As I mentioned before, this went on quite a long time and the longer it went on the more nervous I became.

I noticed the strange looks I was getting from other people in the restaurant who were sitting close enough to hear what we were talking about, and I was afraid I might be shouting and not realize it. I found it really hard to calm down and be sure I was not raising my voice.

Finally, the conversation ended when the Bahai Guy said "I think you are confused." After hearing that, I decided that would be a good time to stop. In response, I said "I might be confused, but maybe you are confused and you have not noticed."

When we were done talking, one of his friends mentioned how impressed they were with my kindness, which answered my concerns over how loud I thought I was talking. I believe God shared that with me to let me know I had done a good job. I had tried to share my understanding of the Gospel, and the Bahai Guy was not interested.

After saying goodbye, I got up from my seat, walked out of that restaurant and never saw the Bahai Guy again.

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