Tuesday, May 7, 2019

How Can I Use The Prayer Room(s)?

I wanted to share a few ideas on how to use the prayer rooms I have been setting up on the website with you. Many times when I have attended Church in the past, a lot of prayer requests were made from people's personal lives about real problems, and then the prayer time ended without praying for the nations.

That really bothers me, which is why I set up the prayer rooms here. I wanted to emphasize praying for the nations, so I began compiling a list of nations, and including information when and where I could to give you a place to start on understanding what kind of requests we can make for different nations.

I believe praying for all the nations by yourself is too big a task for anyone, so I wanted to offer some suggestions on how to make this easier on you. Here are a two ideas to consider.

#1. Pick one nation, and learn all you can about it.

Become an expert on the culture of one foreign nation and the kinds of struggles people face living there. Then you can begin to pray for the Gospel to influence people there until a Church is born.

#2. Join (or start) a prayer meeting.

Imagine having a prayer meeting with 3 people attending. Each of those three people have chosen a different nation to be a prayer specialist on, and when you come together to pray you can all share thoughts and concerns about what is happening in 3 different nations.

Even better than that would be to have lots of little prayer groups like this, with a Pastor overseeing it so that everyone is able to pick a different country! I cannot even begin to imagine what would happen if we began to use this kind of teamwork in prayer, but I hope we get to find out soon!

I hope this gets you thinking and praying, and I look forward to the difference we make in prayer together! Praise the Lord!

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