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What Billy Graham Did Right

Billy Graham was one of the most incredible people to live in the last 100 years.

Many years ago, I had the privilege of hearing him preach the Gospel in person, I
actually got to attend one of his meetings. I find myself at a complete loss for
words to describe the impression of what I heard and saw that lingers in my memory.

Which brings me to my reason for writing a blog post titled "What Billy Graham Did
Right" to celebrate the Resurrection this year. Billy Graham is gone, but there are
some things that he did which we need to remember.

I want to be sure that young people today remember who Billy Graham was, and I want
their understanding to have more depth than just saying he was a preacher I can look
up online. I want to make sure they understand why Billy Graham was a giant among
the giants of the faith.

So here are three things I want to see remembered about his life and ministry.

#1. He was honest.

Billy Graham never told a lie. When you consider that he had celebrity status and spoke
for a living for almost 60 years, this is quite an accomplishment. There was one time
when Billy Graham and the press had a miscommunication over what Billy Graham's
organization was doing with the money that people were sending in to support his work.

Billy Graham handled the situation without becoming angry, or trying to make himself
look good. He simply admitted he made a mistake. As I understand it, the mistake was
a lack of communication and not an outright lie.

He thought he had explained himself clearly and was wrong. I hope to see the Christians
among the world's first Internet generation develop that kind of character.

#2. He never fell under suspicion of having a sex scandal.

This is another huge accomplishment. When Billy Graham was a young man, the American
people had a culture that considered the marriage relationship to be the only place for
human sexuality to be enjoyed.

The world's first Internet generation in America live in a culture where any relationship
is considered a good place to enjoy human sexuality. Billy Graham understood that God has
something better to share with us, but receiving the benefits of it requires a lot of hard
work. It is not easy.

I hope to see the Christians who grew up with the Internet develop the kind of convictions
that Billy Graham had his entire life. The world is a messed up place, but by the grace of
God I hope that you can fix the casual sexuality that my generation and my parent's
generation gave you to live with.

#3. He was humble.

Part of Billy Graham's success happened because he always listened carefully to what other
people had to say. He always took the advice he was being offered seriously, even when he
personally disagreed with what he was being told.

The current cultural environment in America right now appears to be a culture of entitlement
where young people are being told they can accomplish things in life without any hard work
or without asking for help.

Billy Graham knew better than to think that way, and I hope the next generation of Christians will remember how much easier listening and believing that there are people who know more than you are out there and go searching for them can make our lives.

I hope you will take the time to spend time with older people who have more experience in life than you do. Be humble enough to learn from people who have spent 30 years or more studying the Bible and struggling to learn how to deal with temptations we cannot hide from.


That's enough for now.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you want to see the Church do better in these
areas, then go invite others to come visit my website, and remember to come back so we can explore Christianity online together again!

Sam Dean


What Billy Graham Did Right
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